49’s Lottery

49’s Lottery

In our Lottery 49’s evaluation, we will examine all critical characteristics that may pique the curiosity of a lot of gamblers out there. We will give you with a comprehensive step-by-stage approach on coming into 49’s Lottery and what characteristics you can pick from. You will also uncover useful info concerning the lotto’s odds, prizes, participation restrictions, and the organisation behind the game. To finish off the assessment, we have included an FAQ segment with answers to common queries.

How to Perform the 49’s Lottery?

Betting on 49’s Lottery results is quite diverse from taking part in on most well-liked lottery web sites, as it is not connected to a distinct nation. This signifies that you really don’t have to be a resident of a specified nation in order to participate. One more fascinating characteristic of the game is that it requires location twice day-to-day. So, your probabilities of winning are double. With its lunchtime and teatime draws, this game was produced for all lottery lovers. Stick to the steps we have outlined beneath in order to learn how to participate:

  1. Choose An On-line Bookmaker – Do your research concerning distinct licensed gambling sites in the Uk and choose one particular that has 49’s Lottery in it.
  2. Open an Account – Enter your credentials and register an account with your bookmaker of choice.
  3. Select Your Betting Preferences – You can either pick “Lucky Dip”, where numbers will be randomly picked for you, or “Bet with New Numbers” if you want to decide on them yourself.
  4. Choose How Several Numbers to Bet – You can select to select amongst 1-5 numbers. The a lot more numbers you bet on, the bigger your prize can be.
  5. With or Without the Bonus Ball Attribute? – You will elevate your chances of winning by like the bonus ball.
  6. Pick the Number of Lines – If you want to have more than a single bet on the identical draw, pick “Add Yet another Line”.
  7. Choose Your Draws – Pick in between lunchtime and teatime draws.
  8. Enter Your Stake – You need to enter a stake for each line and bet sort you’ve selected.
  9. Check the 49’s Lottery Benefits – Examine the final results from the draws, so you can see if you have won one thing.

You can bet on the outcome of the 49’s Lottery final results from your desktop, tablet or mobile. 49’s Lottery draw takes place daily at twelve:49 pm and five:49 pm Uk time. If you are into attempting out various betting styles, you can use the Lottery 49’s multiple bets option. It is comprised of a blend of varying bet types from the same assortment of numbers. The total variety of bets is then multiplied by your unit stake to make up the complete stake.

The Organisation Behind 49’s Lottery and Its Background

The business behind 49’s Lottery is 49’s Constrained, which is primarily based in London, United kingdom. The funding of this organisation comes from the subscription fees paid to Satellite Info Companies – the operator of the major tv services in most bookmaker outlets positioned in the United kingdom. Lottery 49’s historical past is very lengthy, as it was established in 1996, rapidly after the UK’s National Lottery launch. Ever because it was 1st created public, it has been operating twice a day. In the table down under, you can locate more info regarding the organization behind 49’s Lottery, including its license quantity:

? Company Identify: 49’s Constrained
? Firm Founded: 29.eleven.1996
? Headquarters: two Whitehall Avenue, Kingston, Milton Keynes, England, MK10 0AX
? CEO: Richard Jonathan
?? UKGC Licence: 56709
? E mail: E mail Form
? Web site: https://www.49s.co.uk

If you are a betting store customer or have an account with an on the web broker, bear in thoughts that you can spot fixed bets on 49’s lottery numbers with varying odds. It all depends on the amount of balls you pick and your bet kind. You may anticipate that diverse bookmakers would have various odds on the number of balls, so you must select your operator based on the odds it offers. However, it would aid if you considered the most critical issue to look for when you search through the gambling operators – that they are licensed by an acceptable authority.

What are the Daily Prizes at 49’s Lottery?

The prizes that can be won from 49’s Lottery rely on the payout limits of various bookmakers. The winning amounts always contain your stake, and the bet sorts and payouts could be diverse at different gambling operators, so bear that in thoughts. In the table beneath, you can find the prizes that can be won at the six variety draw of 49’s Lottery presented your stake is the lowest feasible – £1.

six Variety Draw Returns
1?? Quantity £7
2?? Numbers £54
3?? Numbers £601
4?? Numbers £7.200
5?? Numbers £125.000

The highest stake you can make is £50, and the greatest volume you can win from five right numbers, in that situation, would be £6,250,000 and £350 from a single appropriate variety. If you select to use the bonus ball characteristic of 49’s Lottery and bet on three balls, you will need to have to match 3 correctly from 7 all round rather of six. This improves your odds but also decreases your returns. You can get a search at the possible rewards from a bonus ball round with a minimum stake of £1 in the table under:

7 Variety Draw Returns
1?? Amount £6
2?? Numbers £39
3?? Numbers £330
4?? Numbers £3,800
5?? Numbers £40,000

If you had been to increase your stake in the bonus ball round, you could win a optimum of £2,000,000 from 5 correct numbers and £300 from 1 appropriate quantity. Of course, you must very first check out with your bookmaker about feasible modifications to the odds and payouts of 49’s lottery draw for the various operators.

Who Can Enter the 49’s Lottery?

As a rule, you would want to be at least 18 years of age to be ready to participate in a lottery. If you are beneath the age restriction and nonetheless handle to purchase a ticket, that would not make considerably sense as no prizes can be legally paid to you. In terms of the place restrictions, there are none. You do not need to have to be a resident of the United kingdom or Europe, for instance, to participate in the 49’s lottery draw. It is legal to bet on the lotto’s outcomes from any nation the place lottery gambling is permitted.

There are numerous on the web gambling operators, which would permit you to get a lottery 49’s ticket. 1 such example is Ladbrokes on the internet casino, which also offers over 1700 slots, 25+ table games and thirty+ reside tables. An additional option you have is to accessibility the lotto game from William Hill Casino Uk, where a splendid welcome bonus of up to £300 awaits you. So, if you meet the criteria for betting on 49’s Lottery results, then go ahead and open up an account with a trustworthy gambling operator.

What Are the 49’s Lottery Odds?

The variation between 49’s Lottery and the Nationwide Lottery is that in the very first a single, you are not forced to select 6 numbers that would all need to seem in the course of the draw. With 49’s Lottery, you decide how a lot of numbers to select – the maximum is up to five. The far more numbers you have selected, the more substantial the dimension of a potential windfall coming your way. You can examine out your theoretical odds of winning from this lottery in the table beneath:

Matched Numbers Odds
5?? Numbers 1 in 150,000
4?? Numbers 1 in ten,000
3?? Numbers 1 in 700
2?? Numbers 1 in 66
1?? Amount one in six

Of program, the odds we display above are only indicative as they vary from one bookmaker to yet another. So, the reality is that your chances of accomplishment solely depend on which operator you select to gamble from. The bigger or smaller odds of numerous companies take place due to differences in the profit/margin that individuals businesses want to make. If a bookmaker is offering you 100,000/one on five balls and another is giving 160,000/1, that would imply that the second 1 is probably providing more of the staked cash back to its buyers.

Which Are the Most Well-liked 49’s Lottery Numbers?

 Hot and Cold Numbers at 49's Lottery

49’s Lottery is all about numbers, and as a result, they have chosen seven presenters, every single for a single quantity. They all have fortunate numbers as follows: Emma (14), Gina (17), Harriet (five), Helen (7), Kirstie (22), Sophie (9) and Tony (11). Apart from that, 49’s Lottery numbers are classified based mostly on how typically they have been drawn in history. We will present you the most popular numbers or as they call them “Hot Balls” of 49’s Lottery. Consider a appear at the following table:

Ball Total Variety of Draws
? 47 554
? 19 550
? 20 539
? three 534
? 27 534
? 48 528

Of program, this is just historic data from past 49’s Lottery outcomes. It has no influence whatsoever on future outcomes, and you must have that in thoughts. When you layout your approach for betting, you can use your own fortunate numbers and nevertheless finish up going residence with the jackpot. Merely simply because some numbers have been drawn drastically more times than others, that does not affect your theoretical potential odds of success.


49’s Lottery is a regulated and honest gambling game, which is obtainable for United kingdom residents and a lot of other nations. The only restriction is that you reside in a nation in which lotto betting is legal, and you are above 18 many years of age. This game is a exciting alternative to other lotteries as it delivers two everyday draws, amazing prizes, and the freedom to choose how a lot of numbers to bet on. As long as you decide on a licensed bookmaker, you need to have no difficulties acquiring your ticket and waiting for the winning 49’s Lottery numbers to seem on your display.


In the last portion of our Lottery 49’s assessment, we will response some queries that often appear when talking about this game. So, if you have missed some vital part of our overview, this is your likelihood to catch up. We hope you will find the following area valuable.

? What are the 49’s Lottery odds of winning?

Your odds of winning at 49’s Lottery vary from 1 operator to an additional. It all depends on what amount of the income at stake the bookmaker would hold for itself and what element will be distributed back to the players. The most common odds amongst operators are 150,000/one for five balls.

? How a lot of balls do I have to bet on with 49’s Lottery?

That would rely completely on you! 49’s Lottery guidelines would allow something among 1 and five balls on a single bet inside of six or 7 numbers, if you use the bonus ball characteristic. The flexibility of betting is 1 of the motives this lottery is so popular.

? What are the restrictions for betting on the 49’s Lottery outcomes?

If you want to participate in 49’s Lottery, you would have to meet the legal gambling age for lotto betting, which is 18 many years. Moreover, you would need to be a resident of a country where lotteries are a legal gambling exercise.

?? Is 49’s Lottery legit?

Totally! The company behind 49’s Lottery is licensed and regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, so you can rest assured you would be betting at a honest game. Of program, if you are getting a ticket online, you would also have to make sure that the gambling operator is regulated.

? What are the daily prizes in 49’s Lottery?

That would rely on the amount of funds you are prepared to put at stake and how many numbers you will pick to bet on. The optimum prize you can win from a 49’s Lottery draw would be £6,250,000, if you use the highest betting amount of £50 and choose five numbers with no the bonus ball function.

? What is 49’s Lottery?

49‘s Lottery is a regulated different to the Nationwide United kingdom Lottery. It provides wonderful prizes each day, and your probabilities of winning are doubled, as the daily draws happen not when but twice a day. It is also obtainable in a big record of nations outdoors the Uk.