Casinos of Tucson Hotels

For visitors to the wonderful City of Casinos and Trips, Arizona’s High Desert region has much to offer. The Casinos of Tucson have been recognized for their excellence in customer service and the many things they offer for every group. Included here are some of the more popular attractions for a visit to Casinos of Tucson.

casino del sol hotel tucson

Casino Del Sol is at the center of the Tri-Cities and offers the best entertainment in town. The gambling floor is set against spectacular azure skies, miles of sparkling casino tables and is filled with friendly people. One of the attractions of Casino Del Sol is the long distance telephone lines that take players from one corner of the world to the next. Many hotels in the city have direct contact with casino operators so guests can call in their winning bets in seconds.

Another exciting facet of the Casinos of Tucson is the latest addition, the Arizona Pro-Gambling Museum, located on the south side of the hotel. This new building is filled with everything from old photos and rare antiques to gorgeous antique slot machines and historical treasures. Guests can also get a glimpse of how the gambling industry has changed over the years as well as learn how to play the great games.

The area’s newest attraction, Casino Del Sol Pupers, is a great place for the whole family. It is easy to get into and offers a full day of excitement with live music, skateboarding competitions, high flying games, exhibits and plenty of other fun activities. Though many hotels provide free shuttle bus service to Pupers, there is still some walking involved. So be sure to ask the hotel if you need to go to this great attraction.

The next Casinos of Tucson attraction is the Tribal Arts Tent. There is plenty of dancing and fun for everyone. This special tent lets people watch professional artists and dancers on their stage. You will love the tribal garb, costume contests and the singing competitions that happen all throughout the day.

On the north side of the Casinos of Tucson, many hotels offer multiple dining choices, including Copper’s Downtown, Downtown Cacao and Preacher’s Express. Copper has some of the best comfort food around and is a great spot for lunch. Downtown Cacao has some of the best food from various local restaurants and is a favorite of many guests.

As the famous saying goes, the best way to enjoy the beautiful and lively city of Tucson is to stay at the Casinos of Tucson Hotel. There are many beautiful and luxurious properties and lodgings available to all travelers. Some of the top names in the country are located in the downtown area and along the river.

All of the major casinos have an even number of rooms available and are a must visit for anyone who visits this beautiful area. In addition to gambling, there are other attractions and shopping opportunities, as well as the Casinos of Tucson Hotel’s exquisite entertainment options.