Trinidad & Tobago Judge To Situation Verdict on Caribbean Casino Murder, Robbery

Trinidad & Tobago Judge To Concern Verdict on Caribbean Casino Murder, Robbery

Posted on: September 20, 2021, 04:37h.&nbsp

Last updated on: September 20, 2021, 04:37h.

A judge is scheduled to announce a verdict next Monday on the murder of a security guard above a decade ago at a Trinidad and Tobago gaming home. Closing arguments in defendant’s Anthony “Bussa” Contrera’s trial have been presented last week following weeks of testimony.

During the trial, Contrera denied any wrongdoing
Substantial Court Justice Lisa Ramsumair-Hinds, pictured over. The judge will concern a verdict following week in the trial of a man accused of murdering a guard at a Trinidad and Tobago casino throughout a robbery. (Picture: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday)

Substantial Court Justice Lisa Ramsumair-Hinds will review evidence and testimony in the case, and announce the verdict on Sept. 27, according to the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian, a neighborhood newspaper.

Contrera allegedly killed the guard during the 2010 robbery at the Caribbean island’s Jackpot Casino and Members Club found in the town of Curepe.

Robbers Pretended To Be Casino Players

The guard, recognized Qiydaar Alexander, was amongst individuals who opened the gaming property that day. A quick time right after opening, Contrera, as well as three other suspects, pretended to be gamers at the casino.

Shortly after coming into the venue, Contrera approached Alexander. He then allegedly shot him in the head. Alexander fell to the ground, misplaced consciousness, and bled heavily from the wounds, in accordance to court testimony. Later, he died.

Contrera and the other bandits then allegedly ordered employees and visitors to get on the ground. The suspects allegedly robbed two visitors, as properly as a casino manager of their individual things, the Guardian said.

Prior to fleeing, they stole each $151,000, about US $22,137, in income from the casino and stole its surveillance camera method, the Guardian mentioned. A firearm was also stolen, in accordance to Trinidad and Tobago Newsday, one more neighborhood news organization.

Days later, Contrera was arrested. Nearby police searched his residence in the town of Tunapuna.

Throughout the trial, Contrera denied any wrongdoing, the Guardian stated. &nbspHe claimed that although the shooting and robbery took area, he was purchasing elsewhere. He even more claims he was framed by the police, soon after he saw a police officer&nbspallegedly murder a guy in an unrelated incident, the Guardian stated.

But prosecutor Anju Bhola argued last week Contrera was making use of “parlor tricks.”

The proof, testimony, and arguments presented during the trial have been heard by the judge, and she will supply the verdict, not a jury. Contrera opted to have a judge-only trial.

It is unclear if the other suspects in the situation have been arrested and ever brought to trial.

Current Casino Murder

In an unrelated Trinidad and Tobago crime, casino proprietor Lucius John, 35, was at his LA’s Amusement Club, when he was fatally shot by robbers final December.

John alerted his family members to flee from the constructing soon after he noticed the two robbers, Newsday reported.

He was later shot by the robbers. He died at the crime scene.

John had opened the gaming property just two weeks just before he was murdered, Newsday mentioned. It appears that no suspects had been arrested in the situation of as earlier this yr.

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