Casino Del Sol Hotel in Tucson

One of the best casinos to visit in Tucson is the Casino Del Sol Hotel. Located in the heart of the Arizona desert, the casino has a great atmosphere that matches the state. What makes this casino a great casino to visit in Tucson is the host of services that they offer to their guests.

casino del sol hotel tucson

The casino is situated in the middle of town in the heart of the city with the Hotel. This casino offers a full service hotel with a professional staff. The lobby features a superb collection of antique poker cards and a prize wheel for each hour in the casino. The restaurant at the hotel also serves American food with real wine and beer.

If you like to play games on a higher scale then you can book one of the many slots for your casino night and experience the excitement of high quality casino chips. You can also find Texas Holdem, Five Card Stud and Blackjack here as well as other great games. You can bet either dollar amount or bonus.

The Casino Del Sol Hotel also provides all the dining you need for an exciting night out. There are traditional Mexican food and special low cost steaks and seafood. The restaurant has bars where you can enjoy yourself with the best wine.

If you love the sound of a live band then you can find the best music at the Casino Del Sol. They have many top notch bands that play all night every night and you will have a good time in their nightclub. With an award winning band you will not go home empty handed when you attend one of their parties at the casino.

The casino at the Casino Del Sol is full of technological upgrades. There is a new state of the art gaming floor and the casino floor is where most of the money is made. But if you enjoy sitting in the casino you can do just that with the ample choices of lounge furniture and tables that can be found at the casino. There is a lounge bar where you can sit and enjoy a drink before or after you play the games at the casino.

The staff at the Casino Del Sol is friendly and extremely helpful. You will feel welcome at this hotel when you visit because it is owned by the same people who own the hotel that you are staying in. You will not need to wait too long for a room or have to worry about lost luggage because all of your luggage is taken care of at the casino.

Whether you are new to the area or a returning guest, you will find the Casino Del Sol Hotel offers a great atmosphere. The casino has several slot machines, billiards and even a poker table. This casino is great fun for people of all ages and gives you the chance to be a winner.